The adventurer

Outdoor Cuisine is a leading manufacturer of ready to eat meals. Through Rationtech we supply military organisations with ration packs with a minimum of 2 years of shelf life all over the world. We pride ourselves in offering all outdoor enthusiasts a perfect solution to being in remote areas where cooking is difficult. Our home-style meals are both delicious and nutritious.

In addition to our range of individual ready to eat meals, we also offer our very popular RATION PACKS which are designed to tide you over a longer period of time. Our diverse range of RATION PACKS means there is something to suit any taste as well as type of outdoor activity planned. The average man (75kg) uses 2700 KCal on a normal day. A male hiker climbing to an elevation of 1000m over 10 days would need 440 Kcals per hour. The average woman (65kg) uses 2200 Kcal on a normal day. She would use 360 Kcals per hour to do the same


The weight of a backpack is vitally important to the outdoor enthusiast as it is carried for the duration of the experience. Equipment such as stoves, cups, plates and crockery add to this weight. In recognising this we have developed a new products , doing  away with the need for many all such accessories in order  to lighten your load.




Our FLAMELESS RATION HEATERS only require water, therefore there is no need for stoves or fires. Our HEATING KITS which are available to purchase individually – have two heating pads as well as a water heating bag. The water heating bag is used to warm water for your beverage at the same time as warming your meal.

In addition –  all our breakfasts and meals are packed into RETORT POUCHES which are able to stand upright –  thus serving as a bowl. No more bowls to carry!

Our ration packs come with uniquely designed SPORK. This is a fork and spoon (with a long handle) combined making it easy to reach the bottom of the meal pouch.  No heavy cutlery to carry!

Our ration packs come with a rubbish bag with a zip seal used to dispose waste, keeping everything in your ruck sack clean and dry.