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Firefighter MRE Pack

Firefighter MRE Pack Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3 BREAKFAST Porridge – Original – 80g Porridge – 80g Porridge – 80g MAIN MEAL Vienna’s in Brine – 289g Sweetcorn – 225g Peaches in syrup – 225g Corned meat – 300g Mixed Veg – 225g Peaches in syrup – 225g Tuna in Brine – 225g Curried […]

24 Hour MRE Contents

24 Hour MRE Contents Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 BREAKFAST Porridge Oats – 80g Porridge Maize – 80g Muesli with milk mix – 80g MAIN MEAL Beef Casserole Pap Chicken Curry Rice Chicken Casserole Rice SECOND MEAL Chicken Casserole Wrap Beef Casserole Pap Beef Curry Pap BEVERAGES Isotonic Drink 2 x 50g Coffee x2 […]


MRE Users MRE are sold primarily to the military but over time significant markets have developed for individuals and companies purchasing the items for personal use, operations, disaster relief and everyday convenience. Military Military operations are the foundation of the SMRE with the packs being favored by operations around the world. Given the menu development […]

MRE Ration Packs

MRE Ration Packs SERAC is a leading manufacturer and assembler of ration packs in both the MRE format as well as using tins for the meals. During 2015 Serac changed its focus from providing the traditional packs which used tinned products to the introduction of the MRE ( Meal Ready To Eat ) It has […]