Meals for climbers

Meals for climbers

meals for climbers

Eat right for climbing performance

When you go rock climbing for the day, you probably don’t give much thought to what you bring to eat. Maybe you toss a couple energy bars and a quart of Gatorade in your pack.

Make a Climbing Meal Plan

It seems that most climbers don’t plan what to eat for the day when they head out rock climbing, ignoring daily nutritional requirements and not thinking about eating for better performance. If you have a meal plan for the day, you will climb better as well as avoid problems like nausea, cramps, dizziness, and lack of motivation from not eating enough or properly

Eat Well to Increase Your Performance

When you focus on the food you eat during a day of rock climbing and hiking, you will increase your performance level. If you snack regularly during the day, you can keep your reserves up and maintain an even blood sugar level, so you won’t crash and burn. If you eat a good breakfast with protein, then you’ll be all right during the morning and won’t suffer a drop in your performance. But when your breakfast energy wears off, you may be prone to loss of strength and motivation.

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Meals for climbers, just for you