MRE accompaniments

MRE accompaniments

Serac has developed an extensive range of products which can be combined to suit specific ration pack tastes and local palettes


The condiment pack has been designed to offer flavour enhancers to basic crackers and meals. This allows end users in areas where chili is more popular for example to increase the heat through chilli powder and hot sauce if required

Snack PackBeverage packThe beverage pack has been formulated to provide not only liquid refreshment at meals in the form of teas and coffee but are functional in that the isotonic drinks are packed with electrolytes to replenish those lost through exercise.

The shake is a functional nutritional drink to provide a balanced liquid meal with protein, carbohydrate and fats with added vitamins

Sides Weight Packing
Cheese sausages 30g sachet
Jam 16g sachet
Peanut Butter 25g sachet
Nut Butter 40g sachet
Tomato Sauce 9g sachet
Hot sauce 9g sachet
Mustard 9g sachet
Salt /Pepper 1g sachet
Chutney 9g sachet


Snack Pack Weight Packing
Energy Bar 45g Sachet
Peanuts and Raisins 30g sachet
Dried Fruit – peaches 60g sachet
Dried Fruit – Raisins 60g sachet
Dried Fruit Rolls 60g sachet
Orange Fruit Cubes 60g sachet
Chocolate Bar  heat up to 37 deg 65g sachet
Biscuits- Crackers 50g sachet
Biscuits – Fortified Digestive 100g sachet
Biscuits Oats 100g sachet
Biscuits Vacuum Sealed 50g sachet
Compressed Vitamin-C Sweets 25g sachet
Boiled Sweets 1s sachet
Sugar Free Gum 2s sachet
Beverage Pack Weight Packing
Isotonic Drink 30g Sachet
Hot Chocolate powder 40g sachet
Lactose free shake 40g sachet
Nutritional shake with milk 40g sachet
Coffee Sachet 2.5g sachet
Tea Bag  Ceylon tea or Rooibos 2.5g sachet
Powdered Milk 4g sachet
Coffee and  tea  creamer and whitener 8g sachet