Ration Packs for military operations are a standard requirement worldwide.We have developed and customised or MRE menus for African, Middle Eastern and European operations. Digestive systems are accustomed to certain ingredients and end users also prefer their cultural dishes. This has been a criticism of the current packs sourced internationally and circumvent that we design menus to suit the geographical location of the operation.

The uses in outdoor recreation are vast!

From a day of fishing, Mountain climbing, rafting, hiking and much more – these ready to eat meals (MRE’s) are the ideal accompaniment for any outdoor activities. The snacks and beverages provide that energy boost when needed during the day.

 The robust packaging allows for any conditions and at the same time the MRE’s are lightweight and easy to carry.

MRE ration packs are used worldwide for disaster relief. When Natural disasters occur, it is usually not possible to erect kitchens to prepare meals for the stranded. Our meals are easily opened, can be heated without electricity and the long shelf life allows for these nutritious ready to eat meals to be stored for extended periods of time. They can be deployed quickly and easily.

Security personnel and the police work very long shifts and are often called out unexpectedly to assist with emergencies. MRE ration packs for security guards are an excellent solution.  Due to the nature of the typical site where these services are required, there are no kitchens and no access to food whilst on duty. Security companies buy these MRE ration packs ahead of time as they are ready to eat, with excellent nutrition and do nit require a lot of space for storage.

MRE Ration Packs prepared with tins have for a long while been a recommended method of preparing ration packs. We can provide 3 different packs for firefighters on the job. Now, with our flameless ration heaters it is even easier to warm the meals.