From a camping trip, to a few days of hiking or even just one day of mountain climbing, these ready to eat meal packs (MRE’s) are the ideal accompaniment for any outdoor activities.

The delicious ready to eat meals together with the wide variety of snacks and beverages provide all the nutrition that you require for your outdoor adventure. <

Our range of meal packs are carefully designed according to the calorie requirements for various types of activity.

  • THE ADVENTURER – 2600 Kilo calories
  • THE ACTIVE – 3000 Kilo calories
  • THE EXTREME – 3600 Kilo calories.
  • THE ONE MEAL – 1200 Kilo calories
  • THE TWO MEAL – 2100 Kilo calories
  • THE VEGETARIAN – 3200 – 3600 Kilo calories
  • THE TINNED – 3000 – 3600 Kilo calories

We also offer one or two meal packs for shorter periods of time outdoors – like a day trip to the mountains.
Each pack consists of a main meal/s, snacks, beverages and utilities.
The packaging is very robust, strong and waterproof. It can endure rough travel and the items are extremely lightweight and easy to carry.
MRE packs are perfect for any outdoor sport or recreation where a wholesome balanced meal plus supplementary snacks are required