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Econo Ration Pack - Meal Pouches

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Chicken and Rice 400g
Beef and Rice 400g
Sorghum Porridge – (Banana/Original) 80g
Isotonic Drink (Orange/Mango) 2 x 50g
Coffee x 2
Rooibos Tea / Black Tea x 2
Chocolate Energy Bar 45g
Fruity Oat Biscuits 100g
Salt and Pepper x 2
Sugar 10g x 4
Creamer 8g x 4
Super C Sweets 3g x 8
Gum x 5
Water Purification Tablets x 4
6 Fuel Tablets and Matches
Spork x 1
Clear Plastic Bag x 1
Mini Tissue Pack
Sterilizing Wipes x 2



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Econo Ration Pack - Tinned Meals

Beef Bull Brand 300g / Chicken Bull Brand 300g
Pilchards in Tomato 400g / Pilchards in Chilli 400g
Orange Isotonic 50g
Sorghum Porridge (Banana/Original) 80g
Chocolate Chip Biscuits 100g
Raisins 60g
Chocolate Energy Bar 45g
Peanut Butter 40g
Jam (Mixed Fruit) 15g
Vitamin C Sweets 3g x 6
Halls 3g x 3
Salt and Pepper x 2
Cutlery Set (Knife, Fork, Spoon, Serviette)
Sterilizing Wipes x 2