MRE Key Features? - MRE - Meals Ready To Eat
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Home-style Taste

MREs are prepared to provide a home style cooked meal.

Nutritional Content

Each Pack is prepared to sustain an active individual for 10 or 24hours

Long Shelflife Products

Shelf life of 2 years dependent on your storage conditions.

No freezing or Refrigeration

Our products are shelf stable at ambient tempretures

Shelf Life

Our pack has been engineered for a long shelf life

  • With cheese wedges 9 months
  • Without Cheese 2 years
  • Shelf life of meals 3 years stored at 20 degrees out of direct sunlight
  • Powder products 2 years
  • Biscuits 2 yearsSnacks dried fruit 2 years

Robust Packing

A key feature is the packs are engineered to withstand vigorous conditions when in the field

  • MRE Meals are packed in a box for added strength and durability.
  • Biscuits are vacuum sealed for strength, long shelf life and rigidity to avoid breakages.
  • The outer pack is vacuum sealed to allow for rigidity and strength and to ensure the contents do not get wet. Vacuum sealing also improves the shelf life by removing a considerable amount of air in the packs.
  • A 5 layer coextruded material is used in the pack for retail markets where the client may want to see the contents of the pack through the layer and on request the pack could be sealed in a foil laminate for extra shelf life and protection.

Cross Contamination

The pack is engineered to ensure there are no odours that are allowed to permeate the contents of another item. As a result the fuel tablets are individually packed; tea and beverage packs are individually sealed.


Packs are vacuum sealed to ensure packs use the least amount of space possible. They are also packed flat to ensure that 4 or 5 packs fit easily into a carry bag.