This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you have a retail shop?

No with the latest protocols you are only able to buy online, but will be able to purchase products at outdoor retailers in 2022.

Do you supply samples?

Our products are packed with the best ingredients and our process ensures maximum delivery, in line with you are able to purchase samples at the normal product cost.

Do you have suppliers throughout the country?

Yes our head office is based in Gauteng South Africa, but we can deliver to you anywhere in the world.

Can we buy individual meals?

If you visit our retail section you can order individual meals. Please note that if there are meals you’d like to order from the main Rationtech site, that are not on our retail Outdoor Warehouse site, you will need to order minimum quantities. Send us a request on our contacts page, our teams are ready to give you all these details.

Can you make up custom menu?

Yes our nutritional teams and chefs are on standby to put together a specific menu that meets all your requirements including dietary, cultural and daily Kcal intake. This is obviously dependent on your required volumes.

Can you brand the packs as a home brand?

Yes we have the facility to both design and print the packs specifically to your needs.

Do hikers use your products?

Yes our meals are perfect for trips away, we include breakfasts, meals, desserts, snacks and beverages. We offer all your meals from a basic powdered breakfast to gourmet desserts.

Are your products freeze dried and or dehydrated?

Our food is made just the way you would make it at home. We offer a range of ‘home-made’, hearty meals that go through our special retort process ensuring you can store them for up to 3 years.

How many meals do you offer?

We offer 10 different delicious biscuits, baked in our bakery section. 9 different drinks both hot and cold and we have delicious isotonic drinks. There are 12 different breakfasts that include dried which offer muesli, porridge and breakfast cereal mixes. We also have 2 cooked breakfasts, 26 tasty main meals and 32 delicious snacks including soups, noodles snacks and Mouth watering bars.

Do you supply vegetarian meals?

Yes we offer over 9 tasty vegetarian meals packed with loads of ingredients.

What is your delivery time?

Depending where you are in South Africa, we can deliver within 7 working days.

Do you supply accessories?

Yes we offer a full range of accessories including our specially developed spork that allows you to use it as a fork or spoon. We also offer flameless heating packs for a lighter weight offering. Don’t forget to ask about our tactical meal that are light to carry and still pack the best flavors and deliverables.

If we need light carrying food packs can you provide these solutions?

Yes we offer a tactical light pack, that makes your journey easier but still packs a punch with flavor and other wonderful elements to ensure a complete eating experience.

If I want to distribute your products, who do I contact?

Send us a message via the contacts page on our website and one of our sales team will get back to you.

Do you have branches overseas?

Yes please click on our territory link on the website, you will see that we are based worldwide and can service our clients anywhere in the world.

Do you supply bulk packs?

Yes we can supply any number of units including a 20 man or 30 man pack.

Are your meals certified?

Yes all our meals are manufactured in a a fully HACCP certified factory and are Halaal.