Pre-Packaged Quality Meals - Meal Ready to Eat (MRE)
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No expense has been spared in the selection of meat and vegetables and we prepare our meals using the same meat as is found in the leading premier supermarkets in South Africa.  To achieve this we ensure our meat maintains the following standards.


To achieve this we ensure our meat maintains the following standards:

  • Strict supplier checks – We only use approved abattoirs and suppliers who comply with strict criteria relating to standards of hygiene; structure and maintenance; total quality management; and ethics.
  • Annual audits – Our abattoirs and suppliers undergo independent annual audits on hygiene and people ethics.
  • Stringent hygiene standards – Our suppliers perform constant checks on the temperature of raw materials, pH levels post slaughter, and micro-organism and bacteria counts of raw materials, and ensure traceability throughout processing.
  • Animal welfare Animal – Welfare is a high priority and we do have regular audits at farms and abattoirs to ensure that the animals are treated as humanely as possible.
  • Traceability and grades – We don’t want you to be confused about what meat you’re eating, so we specify the grade of meat used in every product. Our meat is also traceable to the abattoir.
  • Perfectly trimmed – We, we are perfectionists when it comes to removing unwanted excess fat, skin and bone.
  • Guaranteed freshness – We perform extensive microbial testing on the chicken we prepare for you, which means we guarantee its freshness and safety, every time.

Regulatory aspects

All food is checked by NRCS to ensure it complies with regulations. They also ensure the food complies with micro levels.