24 Hour Outdoor Light Pack


24 Hour Outdoor Light Pack

Meals Ready to Eat (MRE). These packs are used for a wide variety of applications such as camping, survival training. A field ration, combat ration or ration pack is a canned or pre-packaged meal, easily prepared and eaten, transported by military, security or recreational users. The 10 HOUR MRE will be a great and easy way to get your daily nutritional values in while you are out and about. This 10 hour
The outdoor light pack is a new innovative concept which provides a significantly more ligthweight ration pack as it does away with the need for carrying plates, eating and cooking utensils, a stove, mugs, cups and a heating tin.

Homestyle meals | Nutritious | Long shelf life | No refrigeration | No Preservatives 

Contents: 10 Hour Outdoor Light Pack (4000 Kcal)

Muesli with Milk/Chocolate 150 577 22 17 76
Chicken Stew with Rice 400 500 27 24 44
Beef Stew with Vegetables 400 560 26 32 42
Cake Vanilla 85 337 3 14 48
Fruit Pulp Cubes Citrus 60 186 0 0 45
Granola Fruit Mix 60 224 9 6 39
Sweet Biscuits 100 439 7 22 65
Peanut Butter 25 147 6 13 5
Cereal Bar Chocolate Cream 50 215 4 7 33
Hot Chocolate 50 198 7 5 30
Isotonic Grape 50 200 0 0 46
Isotonic Orange 50 200 0 0 46
High Protein Recovery Drink 30 132 2 5 19
Coffee 3 in 1 (2 x 20g) 40 142 6 2 25


Nutritional Composition

A key factor in the preparation of long shelf life food is to ensure that the final products are of a quality to provide the consumer with a meal that is enjoyed at any time.

It has been shown in numerous studies that an active male of average size will consume around 14 000 to 17 500 kj per day. To ensure individuals are able to maintain high levels of performance, energy should be maintained by eating nutritious meals.

Should the individual not receive sufficient kcal they will use reserves and for extended periods of time this could cause weight and energy loss.

Contents: 24 Hour Outdoor Light Pack

Breakfast: Musesli with Milk/Chocolate 150g

Main Meals: Chicken Stew with Rice 400g | Beef Stew with Vegetables 400g

Beverages: 2 Isotonic Drinks 50g | Hot Chocolate 50g | Coffee 3 in 1(2 x 20g) 40g | High Protein Recovery Drink 30g

Snacks: Fruit Pulp Cubes Citrus 60g | Granola Fruit Mix 60g | Sweet Biscuits 100g | Peanut Butter 25g | Cereal Bar Chocolate Cream 50g

Accessories: 2 Flameless Ration Heaters | Heating dish | Knife, Fork & Spoon

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Product Information


Sporks: Our specially designed spork serves as both a knife, fork and spoon. It is reinforced and the handle is angled and long enough to easily scoop from the bottom of the pouch.


Meals: The meal pouches with their wide gussets have been designed to form a bowl once opened allowing the pouch to stand upright during the meal. The pouches are designed for eating on the run with two tear notches so that one can tear the second notch when you need a shallower bowl.


Flameless Ration Heater Kits:  The heating system allows for the heating of a hot beverage and a meal at the same time as well as hot water for shaving etc. The flameless ration heater kit contains 2 pads, 2 bags and 1 hot water bag.  Our heater pads are the lightest available for heating a 400g meal and a cup of water in a bag.


Outer Bag: The durable ration pack outer bag allows for the pack to be housed securely and for it to be waterproof.  The contents remain dry once sealed.  


Halaal:  All our products are Halaal.

Everything you Ever Need in a Ration Pack
    • Healthy Breakfast
    • Delicious Warm Meals
    • Highly Nutritious
    • Beverages
    • Cold drinks
    • Snacks
    • Health Bars
    • Sweets