6.2 Firefighter Day 2 - MRE - Meals Ready To Eat
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MRE Shop

6.2 Firefighter Day 2


Contents: Firefighter Day 2

Meals: Muesli with Milk 80g | Corned Meat 300g | Mixed Veg 225g | Peaches in syrup 225g

Beverages: Isotonic Drink 25g | Nutritional Shake 50g

Snacks: Super C’s | Energy Bar 40g | 2 Fruit Bars 2 x 30g | Raisins 60g

Accessories: 4 Drinking bags | 1 Eating Dish | Knife, Fork & Spoon | Tin Opener

Firefighter Pack – Day 2

These packs contain breakfast and one delicious cooked meal.  You will receive ready to eat tinned food, together with  dried fruit, sweets, energy bars and delicious snacks plus a nutritional shake and cold drinks.

These ration packs are the most convenient source of delicious cooked food, and are easy to transport, lightweight with strong packaging, perfect for adults and children.

Suited for all outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, mountain biking, running, sailing, fishing, rock climbing, river rafting and even long game drives! Also included is a tin opener, mini stove, heating dish and fuel tablets.

Homestyle meals | Nutritious | Long shelf life | No refrigeration | No Preservatives 

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Nutritional Composition

A key factor in the preparation of long shelf life food is to ensure that the final products are of a quality to provide the consumer with a meal that is enjoyed at any time.

It has been shown in numerous studies that an active male of average size will consume around 8000 kj per day. To ensure individuals are able to maintain high levels of performance, energy should be maintained by eating nutritious meals.

Should the individual not receive sufficient kj they will use reserves and for extended periods of time this could cause weight and energy loss.