Product Information

2500 Kcal Menu
Item Description Weight(g) Kcal
Breakfast Muesli – Berry 150 583
Lunch Beef Breyani 400 500
Dinner Chicken Curry 400 441
Energy bar 50 250
Snack Granola, nuts and seeds 60 287
Biscuits Peanut Butter Oaties 50 224
Isotonic drink Pineapple Orange 50 194
Beverage 2 x 3 in 1 Coffee (20g) 40 147
Total 1150 2626


3 Flameless ration heaters
Hygiene wipes (wet wipes)
2 x Salt Pepper and Serviette
1 Mini Pack Tissues

Outdoor light system
  • Our specially designed spork serves as both a knife, fork and spoon. It is reinforced and the handle is angled and long enough to easily scoop from the bottom of the pouch.
  • The meal pouches with their wide gussets have been designed to form a bowl once opened allowing the pouch to stand upright during the meal. The pouches are designed for eating on the run with two tear notches so that one can tear the second notch when you need a shallower bowl. Breakfast cereals come in a wide stand up pouch with zip lock. The breakfast can be resealed for eating later if the meal is interrupted.
  • Drink mixes are in zip sealed pouches which allows for mixing without spilling the contents and resealing for later use if the beverage is not consumed.
  • The heating system allows for the heating of a hot beverage and a meal at the same time as well as hot water for shaving etc. The heater bag contains heater pads, and the bag is re-usable too.  Our heater pads are the lightest available for heating a 400g meal and a 3-in-1 coffee or tea in a bag.
  • The durable ration pack outer bag with zip lock allows for the pack to be housed securely and for it to be waterproof. The contents remain dry once sealed. This bag is also used as a rubbish-bag which can be returned to the base for discarding.
    • Main meals 400g stand up pouch
    • Meal Pouch design - 2 tear notches for easy eating
    • Long Sturdy Spork
    • Drink bags for mixing and reuse
    • Hot water bags for personal Care, 3 in1 beverages
    • Outer bag zip lock mechanism
  • Keep contents dry
  • Keeps sand out
  • Storage for used wrappers
Everything you Ever Need in a Ration Pack
    • Healthy Breakfast
    • Delicious Warm Meals
    • Highly Nutritious
    • Beverages
    • Cold drinks
    • Snacks
    • Health Bars
    • Sweets